Buehlee specialized in researching and manufacturing earphones, headsets and other Consumer electronics.

We realised, its not about catching glimpses of the movie while talking to your friends or keeping it as background noise.

It's about being a part of the movie and finding yourself horse-riding in a battle.

It’s about feeling the thrill of hiding from an alien invasion and about smiling on a lovers’ paradise, right from your couch.

To bring you this experience, anytime anywhere, we made products that let you immerse in the world of storytelling.

Be it tuning into a season that you anxiously waited for or a favorite movie that’s ready to consume you again.

Dive into a theatre-like experience that lets you hear every laugh, every whisper, every dialogue as it was meant to be and binge-watch like never before.

Choose us, choose professional!

Looking forward to cooperation with you.